Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle!!!

Well to all of my eager friends and family who have been patiently waiting for our wedding pictures, your day has finally come! We got our cd today and I am busy getting a post together. so please believe me when I say tomorrow is the day! Wahoo! For those of you who have facebook....the pics will be there too.

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Irony

So I created this blog to post items and to let people know things about our life. Ha, do I post......nope. Well now the revolution begins. Here I come blogger, I am going to do it. I will finally start posting again. End the famine and begin the feast some may say.

Where to start well things have been absolutely crazy since the wedding. Clayton and I are so busy and love the moments at the end of the day that we finally get to spend together. Being married is better than I ever thought it would be. I get to spend eternity with my best friend. I definitely need to get better at showing my love for him. At least with me I get too caught up in the day and how busy it is to take a moment and recognize the beauty of our relationship and to undertand that not everyone has it as good as us. How lucky I am.

So this weekend we get to go to Deer Valley. Just us. Sigh. I cant wait. Hopefully we will take more than the 5 pictures we took on our honeymoon and I can post them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dumb Photos

So I have been trying to upload pictures all night. luck. I think it might be my internet connection so I am going to try again tomorrow at school. SORRY!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Updates and Pictures Coming Soon!!

Wow! I am so sorry it has been soooooooo long since my last post. We finally got our internet in our apartment yesterday so I am planning some major posts in the near future. Stay tuned for pre wedding, wedding, and honeymoon pictures:)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Reception Directions

I honestly cannot believe how fast the summer has gone by. Clayton and I get married sooooo soon! Here are some helpful little links to get you to our reception:)

August 28, 2008
6:30 to 8:30
Wirig Residence
4983 Old Oak Ln.
Highland, Ut

View Larger Map

September 6, 2008
Litzie Residence
1936 Arielle Ln.
Simi Valley, CA

View Larger Map

If you are still having problems finding the address or think you might leave a comment and I can get more specific directions! I am excited to see you! Thank you for coming and supporting Clayton and me, it means so much to us:)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Freeway Adventure

So today Katie and I decided to go with the boys to lunch. They were going to Buffalo Wild Wings and all they do is rave about it so we had to try it out. Supposedly it was only about ten minutes down the road. Well 45 minutes, one hellish freeway drive, a toll road, and a state trooper later we arrived at the restaurant. This was my first experience driving the freeways of Illinois and luckily it will be my last. Honestly I have no idea where people get off by saying that Utahans drive bad. They are nothing close to the satanic drivers of Highway 333. Not only do they like to squeeze into the inch of space that I left between Clayton's bumper and my own but they like to do it at 80 miles per hour and then step on the break. I think they all might of been drunk.

Speaking of drunks our little van got an owie today. I am pretty sure the driver was drunk when he threw what we think was a beer can out of his window while per the above driving 80 miles an hour and swerving in and out of traffic. There ended up being a rather large dent in the little van's door. Garek repaid the felon with a nice full moon. You know what kind if you know Garek. Anyway luckily we got the license plate number however the state trooper that came after the incidence said we would have to go to court and since we are going home to Utah on Tuesday the drunk might just get away with his wreckless driving. I am praying for Karma.

On the good side we are going to Six Flag tomorrow. I am super excited. I have never been so it will be an adventure. We are definitely going to take pictures so I will post them with in the next few days!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Invitation Saga..... and BREAKING DAWN!!!

For what feels like forever I have been working on invitations. Whether it is taking pictures, designing, editing, or now stuffing it never seems to end. I never thought the number 650 was a lot until I am in the middle of licking 650 envelops. I licked like three and thought I was going to puke. Ha. But the good thing is is that went sent 300 of them out this morning and we should be sending the rest out soon. You have no idea how good it feels to have them out and on their way to their various destinations. Phew! It was definitely an out of body experience stuffing my own wedding announcements. Crazy. I get married in 28 days...... I am so FREAKING EXCITED!

There is another thing that I am just dying with anticipation and that is BREAKING DAWN. Not only is it being realesed tonight but I have Clayton convinced to come with me to the midnight party. It is going to be so funny watching his face while we are there. I dont think he has ever been exposed to a female frenze that the twilight series tends to bring out in the ladies. I am super excited! I even have a wrist band....YAY.

So I defnitely think that you should comment once you are done with the book. I want to hear what you think......!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Facebook Wanna-Be

So I finally gave into the Facebook pressure. I realized that there are a lot of friends that I had in high school that I wanted to invite to the wedding. SO I did it. I joined the only thing that would link me to my past friends. I feel a little bit like a cop out. I always testified of for the anti-facebook and yet now I have become my own worst nightmare. Those of you who pledged with me never to join please do not disown me:)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Questions, Questions, Questions

Soooooo Erica tagged me to do this questioner like two weeks ago so I figured I better get on that!

4 Things you may not know about me:

-I am currently living in Schaumburg, IL

-I love food from India

-I have a blonde and a brown set of eyelashes

- I am a sucker for Extereme Makeover Home Edition. I cry EVERY episode.

4 Places I Go Over and Over:

-Mejier it is a place sort of like Walmart but not. I never seem to have what I need for dinner that night. It has gotten to be a daily ritual.

-Pet Land in Schaumnburg, IL. Clayt and I love to go and look at the cute little puppies however we both like just that looking at them. Not really fans of taking care of them, but they sure are cute:)

-My computer. I dont think I ever leave it between 1:00-10:00 pm F.U.N.

-My bed.

4 People Who Email Me:

-My photographer Blush Photography......trying to get all of those wedding plans squared away.

-My Sister Jessica updating me on all of the news ect.

-Junk Mail.....I am very popular on the junk mail lists

-Relatives emailing me with different family addresses ect.

4 Places I'd love to be:

-AUGUST 28, 2008!!

-Sitting on my big yellow couch back home in Alpine, UT

-Cuddling on the couch during a thunderstorm

-Cancun, Mexico! We are so excited for our honeymoon:)

4 Movies I Watch Over and Over

-Does Friends seasons 1-10 count?

-Dont watch many movies over and over again.......

4 People I'm tagging:

-Ummm everyone who reads my blog. Ha that should be about four:)

Utah Fun

This past weekend Clayton and I got the chance to go home! We didn't realize how much we missed Utah until we stepped off the plan and felt that nice hot dry heat:) It is definitely not that way in Chicago!
The weekend went by waaay to fast:( Here are some of the things that we did!

It all started out at 5 am on friday morning. We had decided to go to The Dark Knight, the midnight showing, that same night. Ha ha ha not the best idea when you have a flight at 5 am and you have not even started packing! The movie was pretty incredible. Heath Ledger was absoulutly phenomonal however I am not sure if I would see it again. It was pretty dark and very scary. I guess that is a sign of good acting and incredible directing. It definitely sucked us in and I will be the first to admit that as we were walking out of the theater and Clayton stood behind me and touched my shoulder, I jumped and had to check just to make sure it was clayton-- in case it might have been our makeup loving friend The Joker. He definitely had me scared and convinced I was next...ha ha ha

Well after finally arriving in SLC four hours and two cancelled flights later than our origonal expected arrival time Clayton declared very forcefully that we will no longer be flying NWA. It made me giggle....he had had a rough flight. Needless to say he slept the entire flight:)

Honestly this weekend we did not have a moment to spare! Once we got home we had to head straight to provo. We had a few errons to run and a family reuinion to stop at. It was fun to see all of the Seipert family again and for Clayton to meet them. He fits right in:) We then stopped at our new apartment! I am so excited. It is on the boarder between Orem and Lindon, right up on the mountian up from Kneader's. It is the basement apartment of a 3 year old home. The upstairs is vacant for when the home owner come to utah to visit family. It is a beautiful home with a great view. The bedrooms are huge and I am definitely a sucker for walk in closets! It will be really fun when we finally get to move into it in October:)

We then ran over to Erin's play. She is currently starring in Seussical the Musical:) I definitely think Clayton enjoyed it the most, inbetween bathroom breaks and yawns he caught all the action. ha ha ha. The best part of the day had to be Cafe Rio.....oh man have i missed my Chicken Salad, no beans just rice and all of the fixins with creamy cilantro dressing. Wow it is good.

Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind. I had three showers and they we so much fun. Clayt was such a trooper. He dropped me off to each one and showed up at the end for introductions. He was so cute. I think he had all of the ladies in love with him by the end of each shower. It was so fun for me to be able to see all of my friends and family that I have not seen for months. It was really fun and we got tons of stuff that we definitely need!

Sunday I was definitely feeling under the weather. I had started to get sick on friday. I had a pretty bad cough and runny nose but I was feeling fine until Sunday hit. I did not feel good at all. The plane ride home was definitely interesting. I always feel bad for the person who has to sit next to the sick person on the flight.....that sick person was me:( Poor Clayton, he did such a good job of taking care of me and helping me feel better.

All in all it was such a wonderful weekend. I loved being home with the family and Clayton needed a break. Now we are back in Chicago with the normal daily grind, but hey we come home for good in THREE WEEKS!!!! YAY!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This summer has been flying by. I honestly cannot believe that it is already the middle of July. Chicago is definitely fast paced and not really the nice relaxing summer that I thought it would be:) But hey it has definitely been an experience for both Clayton and myself.
I am so excited that Clayton and I get to go home next weekend. I have a few bridal showers and a dress fitting and Clayton decided that he would come along for the ride. Not, he says he is coming to sign the lease for our apartment but I really think he just cant stand to be away from me for that long and I am not complaining.
Wedding plans are coming along just swimmingly. I think for the most part everything is planned. We have to finalize the invitations and get them sent out but that is about it. Phew!I am so excited to be married and settled.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Th Perma Smile

So I have officially been in Chicago now for two weeks. I cant tell you how amazing it is to be with Clayton again. Sure the work is not that fun, but I definitely can endure if it means that I get to see Clayt for just a couple hours out of the day. It gets more and more humid everyday, the temperature's really are not that high but for some reason it feels like a millions degrees with the humidity added in.
So I have sort of slacked off on my bride to be duties however today I am getting all caught up. I have been working on guest list, flowers, dresses, the whole nine yards. I am definitely in the wedding mode. I will however be very relieved when it is all over with and I am finally Mrs Clayton Parry.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Clayton!

Today is Clayton's 24th birthday:) I can't tell you how grateful I am for those 24 years and that every moment with them has led him to me. I felt pretty bad about not being able to be with him on his birthday that i tried to make it as special as possible. I sent him a surprise package and had all of his friends embarrass him and sing happy birthday. And to think that he was going to try and get by without telling anyone it was his birthday! I will definitely make sure that that never happens:)

I have two more work days left at my job and I can't wait to be finished! I feel a little useless and wasteful. I mostly just sit there, well I have projects but nothing new. I am just tying up loose ends and getting everything ready for me to leave. It will not be long now until I am in Chicago, the place where I definitely belong for the summer!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The First of Many Firsts to Come

After much thought and decisive thinking I decided to start Clayton and I a blog. I mean the whole rest of the world is doing it, why not follow suit? With all of the wedding plans and me moving to Chicago soon to be with Clayton it might be nice to have something to keep everyone updated on the latest wedding plans ect.

I sort of laughed when people said that wedding planning was hard, I have even told a friend or two to relax when slightly stressed out about the ever pressing matter of linens and decor. Little did I know. Me, the most indecisive person in the world, regrets those very words. I have become rather content with telling my mom and sister, "sure that works" without even looking at what they are suggesting. At this point, I hope I know where the reception is being held. ha ha ha

Just an update! Clayton is doing fabulous in Chicago! He is selling like nobody's business and his birthday is tomorrow! Happy Birthday Honey! I love you so much!