Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Clayton!

Today is Clayton's 24th birthday:) I can't tell you how grateful I am for those 24 years and that every moment with them has led him to me. I felt pretty bad about not being able to be with him on his birthday that i tried to make it as special as possible. I sent him a surprise package and had all of his friends embarrass him and sing happy birthday. And to think that he was going to try and get by without telling anyone it was his birthday! I will definitely make sure that that never happens:)

I have two more work days left at my job and I can't wait to be finished! I feel a little useless and wasteful. I mostly just sit there, well I have projects but nothing new. I am just tying up loose ends and getting everything ready for me to leave. It will not be long now until I am in Chicago, the place where I definitely belong for the summer!


Jefferson and Erica said...

Very cute Dani, I love the blog and the pictures! Keep us updated... :)