Thursday, June 5, 2008

Th Perma Smile

So I have officially been in Chicago now for two weeks. I cant tell you how amazing it is to be with Clayton again. Sure the work is not that fun, but I definitely can endure if it means that I get to see Clayt for just a couple hours out of the day. It gets more and more humid everyday, the temperature's really are not that high but for some reason it feels like a millions degrees with the humidity added in.
So I have sort of slacked off on my bride to be duties however today I am getting all caught up. I have been working on guest list, flowers, dresses, the whole nine yards. I am definitely in the wedding mode. I will however be very relieved when it is all over with and I am finally Mrs Clayton Parry.


BookwormMama said...

My hats off to you! i have never seen my little brother so happy in my entire life!! I am so excited for both of you to get married!! Almost there....

Love your almost sis,