Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This summer has been flying by. I honestly cannot believe that it is already the middle of July. Chicago is definitely fast paced and not really the nice relaxing summer that I thought it would be:) But hey it has definitely been an experience for both Clayton and myself.
I am so excited that Clayton and I get to go home next weekend. I have a few bridal showers and a dress fitting and Clayton decided that he would come along for the ride. Not, he says he is coming to sign the lease for our apartment but I really think he just cant stand to be away from me for that long and I am not complaining.
Wedding plans are coming along just swimmingly. I think for the most part everything is planned. We have to finalize the invitations and get them sent out but that is about it. Phew!I am so excited to be married and settled.


Anonymous said...

Danny, you are so cute. I am excited to see you this weekend. Sounds like you are having a good time out there with Clayt. Keep him in line :)

PARRCLAN said...

My dearest Clayton & Danielle-

These longs months away from you two have been so crucial on my heart. But, I am soooo excited to see you this weekend! YEAH!!!

Derrek, Jessica and Dyson said...

today was so much fun!! Can't wait tell you get back for your wedding!! I am mad at you for not telling me about your blog

Brooke said...

ah I found you! your blogs so cute. I still to lazy to figure out how to make mine cuter! oh well lazy isnt the right word how about busy and I should just hire some one else to do it! :) cant wait for you smokin hot bridals