Tuesday, August 3, 2010

5 Months Old!

I cannot believe that my baby is five months old today! I was just talking to Clayton last night about how it has just flown by yet it feels like he has always been with us. We can't remember life with out him. He is the sweetest little boy and I love him to death. This is a picture of him that I took today on our walk:

He is sooooo handsome, but of course I am biased!

Here are a few highlights from the past five months (I am allowed to brag! I am his mom:))

From Birth he could always:
-Lift up and support his own head
-Support all of his own weight while standing
 - He has always been very alert and could focus his eyes on faces and objects

- At about two weeks his started smiling
 - On his exact one month birthday (April 3rd)  he started socially smiling and has not stopped since.
- He first rolled over from his stomach to his back on May 7th
-He first laughed on May 28th and it is the cutest thing ever. I need to take a video and post it.
-About a month ago he started reaching for objects, ie his binky and putting them back in his mouth.
- Just lately he has started trying to mimic things that Clayton and I do, yesterday Clayton asked him how many fingers he was holding up and Maddox matched his had by holding up two fingers. My baby is a GENIUS!!! ha ha ha
-He is now in the 71% for height and the 10% for weight!

Happy Five Month Old Birthday Maddie!


July was an absolutely crazy month for us! Since I haven't posted in a  while I decided to give you a run down of what we have been up to.
We started out the month with the Fourth of July weekend. We spent most of the weekend with the Thayn's and we had a blast! It was even Sam's birthday that weekend. Happy Birthday Sam! We started out by going to watch the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point. The fireworks were a little disappointing and the traffic after was terrible but we really did have a fun time.

Then on Monday we went to the Provo City parade:) Thank you Sister Thayn for saving us seats! It was really fun. I always really like going to parades, however I was a little worried about Maddox since it had been so hot but he loved it! By saying loved I mean he slept through most of it;)

 Our Next event for the month was Maddox eating solids for the first time! It was so cute. He actually did really well and ate most of his food. He loves eating solids now and wants to try and eat whatever anyone else is eating. So watch out, if it is with in his reach he is going to grab it and try to eat it!

We then headed off to California for Tanner and Chloe's wedding! We had such a fun time. We love California and hate it every time we have to come home. Their sealing and reception were absolutely beautiful and I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to attend! We love you Tanner and Chloe!

After being home a few short days we headed straight for Lake Powell. We had a blast. It was so nice just to get away and relax! Clayton especially loved it, Maddox did not like the water too much be he loved all of the extra attention he got. He came home a spoiled little boy;) I especially loved the part were we are being dropped off at the dock to leave, Clayton had run to get the car and Maddox and I are sitting in the 110 degree weather and Maddox diaper seemed to have failed him. Somehow I ended up with poop all over my pants yet when I went to change his diaper it barely had anything. Ugh. Oh and ps by the end of the trip everyone was calling me the "Catfish Queen" because I am such a good fisherman. Let me know if you need lessons. I am pretty expensive though.

Last but not least we rounded out our trip with the Seipert Family reunion up in Ririe, Idaho. Needless to say Maddox was again spoiled. We are going to have to limit our family time for the month of August all of this attention is starting to go to his head I think;)
Well that was about everything we did in July. It was a crazy month, but we feel so blessed that we were able to do everything that we did. Hopefully August wont be as busy, HA at least everything is in Utah.