Friday, November 19, 2010

Sister's in Black: Black Friday Edition No. 1

As some of you may know Black Friday is a very big tradition in the Seipert/Parry household (much to Clayton's protest). I actually think I have found a woman that indeed replicates my sister Jessica's love for Black Friday. If you think I am crazy--check out her blog. You see that cute, perfectly put together appearance-- never would you think that she is would push old ladies down, stay up all night, and hide out in dressing rooms. Trust me people- the gloves come off.

So if you are looking for a good time. Join us. I unwillingly get dragged along every year- much to my protest. Alas every year it is worth it just to see the frazzled, slightly psychotic look in her eye. Ahhh she makes a sister proud.

Watch to get a little idea of what I am talking about: (this year I will be taking actual footage to post, stay tuned)