Thursday, May 8, 2008

The First of Many Firsts to Come

After much thought and decisive thinking I decided to start Clayton and I a blog. I mean the whole rest of the world is doing it, why not follow suit? With all of the wedding plans and me moving to Chicago soon to be with Clayton it might be nice to have something to keep everyone updated on the latest wedding plans ect.

I sort of laughed when people said that wedding planning was hard, I have even told a friend or two to relax when slightly stressed out about the ever pressing matter of linens and decor. Little did I know. Me, the most indecisive person in the world, regrets those very words. I have become rather content with telling my mom and sister, "sure that works" without even looking at what they are suggesting. At this point, I hope I know where the reception is being held. ha ha ha

Just an update! Clayton is doing fabulous in Chicago! He is selling like nobody's business and his birthday is tomorrow! Happy Birthday Honey! I love you so much!