Friday, August 8, 2008

Freeway Adventure

So today Katie and I decided to go with the boys to lunch. They were going to Buffalo Wild Wings and all they do is rave about it so we had to try it out. Supposedly it was only about ten minutes down the road. Well 45 minutes, one hellish freeway drive, a toll road, and a state trooper later we arrived at the restaurant. This was my first experience driving the freeways of Illinois and luckily it will be my last. Honestly I have no idea where people get off by saying that Utahans drive bad. They are nothing close to the satanic drivers of Highway 333. Not only do they like to squeeze into the inch of space that I left between Clayton's bumper and my own but they like to do it at 80 miles per hour and then step on the break. I think they all might of been drunk.

Speaking of drunks our little van got an owie today. I am pretty sure the driver was drunk when he threw what we think was a beer can out of his window while per the above driving 80 miles an hour and swerving in and out of traffic. There ended up being a rather large dent in the little van's door. Garek repaid the felon with a nice full moon. You know what kind if you know Garek. Anyway luckily we got the license plate number however the state trooper that came after the incidence said we would have to go to court and since we are going home to Utah on Tuesday the drunk might just get away with his wreckless driving. I am praying for Karma.

On the good side we are going to Six Flag tomorrow. I am super excited. I have never been so it will be an adventure. We are definitely going to take pictures so I will post them with in the next few days!