Friday, August 1, 2008

The Invitation Saga..... and BREAKING DAWN!!!

For what feels like forever I have been working on invitations. Whether it is taking pictures, designing, editing, or now stuffing it never seems to end. I never thought the number 650 was a lot until I am in the middle of licking 650 envelops. I licked like three and thought I was going to puke. Ha. But the good thing is is that went sent 300 of them out this morning and we should be sending the rest out soon. You have no idea how good it feels to have them out and on their way to their various destinations. Phew! It was definitely an out of body experience stuffing my own wedding announcements. Crazy. I get married in 28 days...... I am so FREAKING EXCITED!

There is another thing that I am just dying with anticipation and that is BREAKING DAWN. Not only is it being realesed tonight but I have Clayton convinced to come with me to the midnight party. It is going to be so funny watching his face while we are there. I dont think he has ever been exposed to a female frenze that the twilight series tends to bring out in the ladies. I am super excited! I even have a wrist band....YAY.

So I defnitely think that you should comment once you are done with the book. I want to hear what you think......!


Brooke said...

yeah for the cool people in line!
sadly my hubby wont come with! we made t shirts though so it will be oodles of fun!
ps keep a wet sponge by you and use it instead of licking all the envelopes haha! so we got the invites outta the I have the worry of the rush order bridals ...but i think we got it!

Derrek, Jessica and Dyson said...

I can't wait to see your invitations! I am not going to any midnight party but I am very excited to see Bella choose Jacob!:) I will be reading tomorrow! Also I used a big bowl from the kitchen to fill the pool up it wasn't to bad.

Megan said...

I am looking forward to seeing these amazing invitations! It is hard work getting things ready for a wedding - enjoy every minute of all goes by too fast!! I am excited to be able to keep up on the happenings of the soon to be new Parry family! We miss you!

BookwormMama said...

Ah... I didn't know you had a blog! Yeah!! :]
By the way, how did you ever get my ugly brother is beyond me! LOL If you guys have cute kids it isn't because of Clayton! ROFLOL {just kidding bro, I love you!}
By the way, smashig photos you two! Whew!! Can't wait to see the invitations!
As for Breaking Dawn... I just heard about the Twilight series for the first time this week! No joke!! LOL
A dear friend of mine owns a company that sells Tshirts and stuff with Stephenie Meyer's original designs... her website is Anyways, Stephenie even designed some of the tshirts there. They look pretty cool. As for me, well, I put myself on the list to borrow the Twilight series.... I am only #358. Crazy!! Did you read the new book yet? What did Clayt think of the midnight party? It's amazing what you'll do for love.... LOL

BookwormMama said...

I didn't realize how manic my comment seems... sheesh... I can't even spell check! LOL
please ignore my misspelled words and sentences that don't make sense... baby is crying, gotta go!
{I meant to say that I put the Twilight books on hold at the library and I am seriouly #355! That's crazy! I won't get the books until next year at that rate!} Anyways, talk to you later...

Love {your soon to be sis in law}

Brian/Kasey said...

Hi Dani! It was fun to read your comment. If you want my addess why don't you e-mail me at, then I'll respond back with my address. Good luck with all the last minute planning. Let me know if you need any help.

Ben and Stacy said...

Danielle! I miss you so much! You are beautiful and congrats on your wedding! Being married is the best!

Chelsea said...

i loved the book. I owe it all to you. I still remember when we were at costco, you know getting a hot dog and enjoying the day, you forced me to buy it, this "vampire romance novel" and promised I would like it. you were right. LOVED IT.

love you

Erica said...

Soo...did you end up loving Breaking Dawn or what??! I was so pleasantly pleased...I feel like everything came together in the end and now I don't need to have any anxiety. Phew!


So..I couldn't undertand all the excitement and popularity over these twilight books. Seriously!!! My friend at work convinced me to read the first book. OMG!!!!!! I can't put it down. I have been so consumed in this book. It's awesome! Can't wait to read the other 3 and then in Dec...I am definately going to see the movie. Although I am a little disappointed in who they chose for Edward. He's not as dreamy looking as Bella describes him in the book.