Friday, July 2, 2010


Dear Baby,

I would appreciate it if you did not prematurely age my child. He is in fact STILL three months old. In fact he will NOT be four months old until tomorrow night at 9:09 pm. He is already getting big entirely too fast, I do not appreciate your help. And please he is basically watching himself so he definitely does not need any help;)

-Much Love



Samantha Thayn said...

haha seriously. But even more annoying is when I get those emails telling me mason is like a month or two younger than he is! Don't worry, it is sad and happy at the same time when they get bigger. Mason is a lot more fun to play with and likes to say Mamama a lot and crawls to me when I ask! :)

Stephanie said...

I agree!!! He doesn't need to get any bigger or older before I see him, thank you very much baby namey! :)

Chris and Hil said...

Maybe some pictures of that cute boy might help baby namey stay on track better! :)Hope everything is going well for you guys!