Saturday, June 26, 2010


If I was a season,

I’d be spring.

If I was a piece of furniture,

I'd be porch swing

If I was a country,

I'd be Romania

If I was a food,

I'd be an Oreo

If I was a flower,

I'd be a Hydrangea

If I was a song,

I'd be Regina Spektor- Samson

If I was an instrument,

I'd be a cello

If I was a color,

I'd be white

If I was a letter,

I'd be a love letter

If I was a book,

I'd be The Time Traveler's Wife

If I was a time of day,

I'd be dusk

If I was a drink,

I'd be raspberry lemonade

If I was a holiday,

I'd be Christmas Eve

If I was a store,

I'd be an antique store

If I was a word,

I'd be mesmerizing

If I was a person,

I’d be me

If I could know the future,

I'd want to see my family as an Eternal one


Erica Chandler Hansen said...

So poetic. Good post!

Samantha Thayn said...

I love that! That was so cute :)

Christine said...

I love this post! SO SO CUTE!!! Send me your email and I will send you an invite to my blog! Have a great day.