Monday, February 9, 2009

Movie of the Year? or NOT

This past weekend a long awaited movie came out. From the moment I saw my first preview, I was in love. It looked so charming and cute. An all star cast with some of my favorite actresses, it was a must see.

After much convincing on my part I got Clayton to take me to "He's just not that into you" this past Friday night. Well a BIG thank you goes out to the Directors/Producers/Writers you have now made me BANNED by Clayton from picking the movies.

I honestly was in awe at how far off based this movie was. It taught that marriage and the uplifting and honoring of that union was not important, that men can lie, sleep and serenade their way out of adultery, and that women like to be domineered and left helpless. This movie fell incredibly short. I was extremely disappointed. It taught to question your marriage, to find that person who is "hot" at the time; needless of the vows and promises behind your marriage.

The only redeeming quality and relationship I found in the movie was the ending. I was able to smile and I did feel content that the flick did end happily. However the two hours previous was something I would never inflict upon any couple.

Going to this film did help me realize how wonderful of a life I really do have. I am so grateful that I never had to struggle with many of the same problems that these women had to deal with. I am so happy, Clayton is incredible and I truly am blessed.

So "Am I the exception or the rule?" I am definitely the exception.


Linda said...

Thanks Danielle for that warning! You are awesome! :)

Brian/Kasey said...

Hey Dani - I think I have an old e-mail address for you. I was trying to get your address so I can send you a thank you not for coming to my baby shower. Can you e-mail me your address at (also, if you have the Rhode's new address, that would be great).

Liz Cuillard said...

I love your blog! I hope it's ok that I read it. I appreciate your review of the opinion of the movie!

jayni & ben said...

Hi. I don't know if you remember me or not. I am JJ's older sister and I am Jessica's age. Anyway.. I too was soooo excited to go see this movie. I had read the book and I was just excited. I went and I was so mad!! I hated it. I couldn't believe the married couple. It made me sad. I could have punched the husband.

I am so happy Ben proposed at the end otherwise I would have been really upset. They acted like being married was not that good of a thing and there is no point to it. When it is the opposite. Being married is the best thing ever!! You get to be with your best friend all the time.

I can see how single people liked it. The single boy and girl that ended up dating in the end... they were cute and so was their story. Other than that.. I didn't like it. I am happy to see someone felt the same.