Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I am completely and unbelievably in love with my husband.

2. I am an Ebay addict.....really just ask my husband.

3. I love to cook and to try new recipes. I especially love Indian food.

4. I want to have twins, a boy and a girl.

5. I have a heart defect and will be having surgery in a few weeks.

6. When I am having a bad day I am instantly in a good mood when I go shopping.

7. I living in Romania for 4 months working in an orphanage and a hospital. Check out
my blog about all my adventures wakingupinromania.blogspot.com

8. I tend to have OCD habits.....ask Karlie.

9. Wish my hair was long, If I could change anything about the way I looked I would want long think beautiful hair.

10. I have a weird ability to feel others pain, literally. I become very emotionally involved without even knowing the person.

11. I love babies, especially my nephew Dyson.

12. I love everything gold. I have been looking for the perfect gold watch since May....any ideas?

13. I secretly wish I could be a model, alas I am not tall enough.

14. I love to create and to sew, I dream of becoming a fashion designer one day.

15. My entire life I have wanted to be a pediatric oncologist, I gave it up to
something better one day.... a mother.

16. I found a love I NEVER had before in Chicago. I love Portillo's Hot Dog's. MMmmmmm they are delicious. and ps I hated hot dogs before Chicago.

17. I have decided just barely that I hate winter. I am all for the whole 4 season thing, but once you get past Christmas I am totally over the terrible weather.

18. I really really want a puppy or a kitten. I think I might just bring one home one day. Clayton might return it though. He keeps telling me that they aren't allowed in our condo complex...I think he is lying to me.

19. I absolutely love to travel. It is so amazing learning about different cultures and people. I find it completely enlightening.

20. I have always been friends with boys way more than girls, weird I know because I am a total girly girl but I just connect with boys so much better. I am totally not
into drama.

21. I really enjoy being in musicals and plays. I love to dance and I love the release that the stage provides from the real world. I can become some one completely different just for a few hours.

22. I consider Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Phoebe and Joey to be my actual Friends. really.

23. I go to pageants and pretend I am a judge. I rate every girl in every category and pick my winners. I usually am right too.

24. I crave Little Ceaser's crazy bead and sauce....like all the time.

25. I love art. I could stay in an art museum all day. I am most inspired my modern and impressionistic art. I would love to be a curator or in art restoration.


Picket Spence said...

I LOVE this. Some of these things I knew . . . and others . . . I had NO idea!

Thanks for sharing.

Loves . . .

Mattson Family said...

I love this 25 things "thing" that is going around! It was fun to read and get to know you. I hope it's OK that I dropped by. After growing up minutes away from my cousins, I really feel like Cayton is practically a brother, so the blog world is a nice way to see how everyone is doing! BTW, I totally relate to the friends with the Friends comment. Brandon and I have watched them almost everynight since we started dating in high school!!

Leah Jones said...

I knew like all of those things...besides the hotdog thing...you hate hotdogs...so that was new...but other than that I knew them all...so, so much for 25 thing you don't know about me...I love you!

Chelsea said...

ha ha #22 i am totally the same way. they are our friends - duh. i love this. i love you. lets play soon. now. i'm coming over. see you soon.

Megan said...

I am so glad you are updating your blog - I love it! Twins huh? I used to think twins would be wonderful...but I may have changed my mind on that one *smile* We may be coming up there in March...if we do we would love to see you and Clayton!

Samantha Thayn said...

Hey! I saw your blog on Erica's and I just had to come and see. I love it you are too cool missy! :D

BookwormMama said...

I always wanted twins too... how fun! What better way to get TWO babies with only one pregnancy? LOL
I loved reading this, Dani! So good to get to know you better.


Liz Cuillard said...

I love love love Friends! I watch it every night. I think of them as my friends too, it really feels like we have been through a lot together! :)