Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Favorites.......so far:)

So I know I have been absolutely terrible at blogging. Really I have no excuse. Hopefully I still have someone who reads that does not mind my random every six months postings.

I honestly cannot believe that in six weeks I will have a baby boy, that is so crazy. Clayton and I could not be more excited. I however am starting to feel like maybe he should just stay in and I will be pregnant forever. Well no I do not want to be pregnant forever, but I did watch this video on a c-section and a regular birth. Ummm is there a neither option? Can he just magically appear, I would like that please.

Anyway to get my mind off of THAT, here are a couple of things we have gotten so far for our baby boy:)


racheyroy said...

I don't know you very well. I just met you at your wedding. But I am a friend of Clayton's from Simi. I happen to be just a few weeks behind you in pregnancy. I just wanted to comment because I just said almost the exact same thing about delivering in my blog. I 100% agree. Good luck with everything!

Marissa Mills said...

Dani, I can't believe in 6 short weeks you will be a mom! how exciting is this= super exciting. It looks like you have some sweet stuff picked out for your adorable boy (to come). Also what have you been up to are you still going to school? working? where are you guys living now?

Jenette said...

We are excited for the little guy to join the family. I guess we'll be celebrating in just a couple of weeks. Can't wait to see you. You're probably one of those tiny pregnant ladies, like your mom was. Some of us did pregnancy in a much bigger way!

Samantha Thayn said...

so cute! And in my opinion Csections are totally the way to go, I almost felt like I cheated birth. ha! Love the room stuff you picked out, very cute. good luck!

Angela said...

Dani, You will do great no matter how he comes! Besides you will have your wonderful husband there beside you the whole way. The end result is the best, when you get to finally hold your precious little gift from Heaven!That's when you know the "getting him part" is all worth it! :)