Thursday, May 21, 2009

Romania Needs YOU!

As most of you already know I spent a semester in Iasi, Romania. It was one of the most amazing, sacred, and unbelievable experiences of my entire life. The program just had to cancel its Fall 2009 semester because of lack of volunteers. If you have ever had a desire to serve, to do something to change a life, please consider serving in Romania. These children are incredible. Please give of your time and give them a better life. I know I definitely sound a little intense but I know, I have been there, the effects that not having the interns in the orphanage will have on the children.

Please help. PS you dont have to go to BYU to go to Romania.

Here is some info on the program:

There will also be having info meetings on June 3 at 4 p.m. and June 4 ant 11 a.m. in 257 HRCB (the Kennedy Center)


J&A said...

Thats so awesome that you did that! I would love to be able to go and give service. I hope people sign up!