Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I have a confession to make. My last entry titled "Danilicious" wasn't a secret to Dani in that she knew I was posting, but didn't know what I was writing about.

I'm still new to this whole "blogging" idea and to be completely honest, I wanted nothing to do with it! Having said that, I find it very therapeutic as well as great practice for my horrible typing skill..........s(found it).

Dani really now has no idea that I am posting this blog entry and it will be a great surprise to her when she wakes up this morning with her blue eyes a blazin'.

I have very mixed emotions right now. I love Dani more than I ever thought possible but yet I am frustrated at the same time. Guys and Girls are so different, as cliche as that sounds, and you don't really understand that until you live with the other. My mom always used to say to us(I never believed her) "When Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." No we didn't grow up in the south and yes I thought she was crazy and ignored her when she said that. I now realize that that phrase is soo true! When Dani is hurting, I hurt. When Dani is happy, I'm happy. When Dani is upset, I'm scratching my head wondering what the heck I said or did.;) I never realized how much my state of mind depended on hers and I'm sure vice versa. That can either make it at times very frustrating or incredible at the same time. When everything is running smoothly it's amazing how in tune we are to each other. We think the same and we will even act the same. Its like we are thinking together. That's how I imagine our Heavenly Father has it planned to be. We become so close that we know we would both make the same decision but yet still both bring different personalities to the table.

I guess the point of me writing this was to vent a little on how hard it can be some times to always be so sensitive to someone else' feelings. I can't imagine my life now without Dani and refuse to entertain the idea. I am grateful for her wise and calming presense that she adds to the relationship, and LOVE her quirky and adorable personality. I love that I can be myself and she will watch me make a fool of myself and think I am the hottest thing alive. She will lie to me about my weight and will take any comment about her weight as a lie. I love how she wakes up in the morning and how she makes me feel that she needs me. That she can't go to sleep with out me there. That she is scared to speak up and ask an employee of a grocery or convenient store where something is if she can't find it. I can't imagine how she got along with out me and don't know how she does with me. I'm sorry I don't always say or do the right things. I am learning. I love you Hun and love you more than you will ever love me! Sleep tight!


BookwormMama said...

Gosh how did I ever get such a sappy brother? :]
Seriously though Clayt, awesome insight!
Wait til you have kids and add that to the mix... then the whole "When Momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy" really comes into play and her mood will really affect the whole entire household, kids and all!
But it also affects the reverse as well... you as husband and father have a HUGE impact on the household as well and on Dani's mood as well as kids... it really works both ways... :]
You're a wise old man... in a young body!
You and Dani are so great for each other!

Love you both

Morgan Family Times said...

Clayton - What happened to the dorky kid that used to hang out with my son? What a wonderful, sensitive, mature man you have turned out to be. Always make her happy and she'll always think you're hot! I promise. Dianna